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I was in recently and was really impressed with how this place seems to have changed. There's a couple of new guys who have taken it over apparently and it's obvious things are improving. I was in a lot of pain and a bit wary of going in but I was seen by a very friendly, relaxed dentist who talked me  through all my options and I felt like he really knew what he was  talking about. I got immediate pain relief and I will be going back to  see the same dentist for more treatment despite in the past being very  nervous and avoiding getting anything done. They seem to be sprucing the  place up and offering more but it's still NHS and it seemed busy and  with lots of people, including kids, coming and going and looking pretty happy/relaxed. I'd definitely recommend this place.
Five-Star-Rating yellow Sal from Yell

I followed this dentist from his old practice to here. That is how good I think he is. Robbie is a fantastic dentist. I have 3 children so having a good dentist is important and they have all seen him for years. He  has a great rapport with the kids and works wonders on teeth. He is  honest, genuine, takes his time and has a real interest in my children's teeth and it always shows. They love to chat to him and his staff are  so friendly and nice. The practice manager is also lovely.
yelpfivestars Denice C from Yelp

Was in today for iv sedation today with taco .i was a nervious wreck was so made to feel at ease. And before i knew it i was awake i dont Remember anything amazing stuff .will defo be. Back again xxx
starstarstarstarstar Laura B from Facebook

I visited Dental Renfrew Studio for the first time this week to discover it had recently come under new management. Whilst I am not a huge fan  of the dentist, the studio and all its staff put me at complete ease. My new dentist, Taco was incredibly professional and very calming. I do not normally write reviews on websites however wanted to highlight the  excellent customer service and care I received at the Dental Renfrew  Studio.
5 google stars Jenny S from google

First attended Taco at his previous practice as was referred to him for  cosmetic work before my wedding in 2008. He did a fantastic job and have been going to him since. We visited the Renfrew practice last month and the service is still excellent and professional, and the staff are all  really friendly, especially with my two year old son (he actually enjoys going to the dentist!).
5 google stars Andy M from google

Considerate,  friendly practitioners. I was immediately put at ease and recieved  excellent care during my last visit. As a new patient, I will most  certainly return and highly recommend the practice to family and  friends.
Five-Star-Rating yellow Cathrine W from Yell

I had treatment done today by Robbie Martin. He is the kindest dentist and he did a fabulous job today.
 Five-Star-Rating redLin from

I attended Taco at his previous practice and on my last checkup I was advised he had moved on .I finally found his new practice and  myself and wife joined and had check ups later that week. I attended his previous practice for 6 years and although I now have a 25 minute drive rather than a 5 minute walk I can fully justify it to have a great dentist. Taco is very professional and calming which is always a good thing with a nervous patient like myself :)I was really impressed with the Renfrew Dental Studio and all the staff are very friendly. I can highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a great dentist.
yelpfivestars Ryan B from Yelp

Warm and friendly practice. Relaxed atmosphere, diligent staff and fast and efficient service!
starstarstarstarstar Jayne M from Facebook

I'm just back from another appointment at Renfrew Dental Studio and my  teeth are looking awesome and feeling great! I had some serious issues  with my teeth and was pretty anxious to get it sorted, but I'm really  glad I did. Dr Robbie Martin is the best dentist I've ever been to and  the level of service I received was second to none. He fixed several of  my front teeth and a bad wisdom tooth that was causing me no end of  discomfort. It's great to have a dentist who actually cares and makes  you feel really relaxed. And, my teeth look 100 times better! I'm never  changing dentist ever again! Renfrew Dental Studio Rocks!
yelpfivestars Merv A from Yelp

Do you like  sweets, yeah! Do you like Coca Cola, yeah! Do you like thought not. But if you like Mexican food there  is one little Taco at this newly run dental studio who will give your  little teeth the time of their life.
Ok, so you may now be  reading this and thinking, ''this guy has lost the plot''. How can a  yummy Mexican food stuff possibly make a spankingly good dentist? Well,  that's because in Holland they give their children crazy names, like  Taco.
I've been visiting Mr. Taco now for over 6 year and when I  recently found out he was leaving his old practice to open his very own  dental studio with his colleague Robbie, I just couldn't bare the  thought of having to switch dentist. So, I simply  stalked him for a few  weeks and discovered that he had set up shop in Renfrew, just a few  minutes drive outside Glasgow, woohoo!
If you are the anxious  type or generally don't like the ambiance of a dentist, you could do no  better than to give this place a go. Both these guys are so laid back  and will help you feel comfortable and at ease. Taco often plays BBC  Radio 6 in the background which often takes my mind off things as he  goes about doing his business and he has some nice artwork on the walls  too, so definitely not your typical dentist.
Attentive, mild  mannered and super professional. I couldn't recommend a friendlier and  nicer dental practice. So, be nice to your teeth and come pay these guys a visit!
yelpfivestars Rocco G from Yelp

After finally plucking up the courage to attend the dentist, I was  immediately put at ease. I required some work to be carried out and  Ayesha was absolutely fantastic in explaining every step of the way. I  am extremely happy with my treatment and would most definitely recommend these guys, in particular Ayesha!
Five-Star-Rating red AB from

Taco is a good dentist was scared got sedated any got 13 teeth took out
starstarstarstarstar Ross S from Facebook

Robbie has been my dentist for the past 5 years and has provided an excellent service. Great practice!
starstarstarstarstar Stephen K from Facebook

Been to Renfrew Denial Studio twice now. First time was for a check up  and second was for scale and polish and three fillings. Taco has a very  good manner about him, taking time to explain exactly what and why he is doing something before he does it. Was delighted that he spotted a  problem with my caps and fixed it mid treatment. Cost for treatment was  great and i'll def be back for my next check up. Also, a very clean and  friendly environment, especially liked the funky pictures! Cheers
5 google stars Martin F from google

Friendly staff and excellent service!
starstarstarstarstar Dougie O from Facebook

was very scared taco put me at ease and i was sedated. both him and the nurse were great, would defo recommend cu in 2 weeks ty.
starstarstarstarstar Julie S from Facebook

I've had two wisdom teeth removed today. Not a happy day by any means  but Dr Martin, I can't thank you enough for making it as easy and  relaxed as such a procedure can be. Before we started he talked me  through everything that would happen and afterwards gave my wife (who  was there to drive me home due to the sedation) all the after care info  as I was a wee bit wobbly. He even gave us his mobile number so we could contact with any questions. Poor guy - I have texted him about five  times now with questions but he has been nothing but accommodating and  helpful.

Can't rate him highly enough for those of us who don't  exactly embrace the idea of going to the dentist. My mouth is sore, make no mistakes, but the whole experience has been so much better than I  thought it would be.

Hats off Dr Martin!
 Five-Star-Rating redMartin from

I have been with this dental practice since it first opened by its previous owners. Even when I stayed abroad I would come back for my 6  monthly check up. I was hesitant when the practice changed hands. To my surprise it has changed for the better. Very efficient dentist and  staff. They are all very friendly and welcoming . Definitely the best  dentist I have ever came across.
starstarstarstarstar Linda K from Facebook

I am so pleased with Robbie, the dentist, that I followed him from his  previous studio. I have 3 children and Robbie is genuine, takes time and really cares about my children's teeth. He is a lovely dentist and all  his staff are the same. My children have seen him for years and they all have a great rapport with him. We wont go anywhere else.
 Five-Star-Rating redDenise from

Dr Taco has been my dentist for 10 years and I have had no dental problems since.
Best Dentist in town!!!
starstarstarstarstar San P from Facebook

Went for my first appointment today with the lovely Robbie, and  after 10 years avidly avoiding any form of dental treatment, to say I  was nervous was an understatement. Robbie explained everything without any judgement and made me feel a lot better about my situation. I've got a bit of a road ahead of me, but I'm so glad I found these  guys and made myself go to the appointment. Can't recommend this  practice enough!
starstarstarstarstar Emma C rom Facebook

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